About Us

About Us

Cosmic Kids Inc. is a family owned and operated business.  We have lived in the Bel Pre Strathmore community for thirty-eight years.  Cosmic Kids currently has locations at Strathmore Elementary School, serving grades K – 5, and Argyle M.S., serving grades 6 – 8.  Each center providing a positive experience for your child.

It is our goal as a business to provide the best quality possible at an affordable price.  It is our responsiblity as members of this community and parents ourselves to provide a safe homelike environment for all of the members in our Cosmic Kids Family.   Cosmic Kids is not a club of membership, we are family.  We hope that in our care, that the children enrolled are comfortable enough to be themselves.  It’s a place where a kid can be a kid without the worries and responsibilities of the outside world.  Cosmic Kids Inc. strives to be as involved in as many community events / P.T.A. functions as possible.  We try to help facilitate a bridge between school, child care and home that establishes a successful, strong team which is needed to raise a child in today’s society.

Our staff are well trained and experienced in the child care field.  Our staffing team has been consistent, some are origional staff members from when we first opened!!!  We have been fortunate to have such a strong team over the past 7 years and look forward to working together each year to add a new twist to our program!!!  Each staff member adds a little bit of their own personality to our mixing bowl and creates a diverse, well rounded team operating our daily program!

Company history

Cosmic Kids Inc. was established in 2000.  Cosmic Kids is owned by Elizabeth (Beth) Lewis, Elizabeth (Betty) O’Grady and Deirdre (Deedee) O’Grady.  When we first opened for business, we were operating a small center out of an addition onto the O’Grady House, servicing 12 children.  If you’ve seen “FIELD OF DREAMS…”  you would understand the phrase “… build it and they will come”.  We can relate to this.   Five of the first Cosmic Kids are still enrolled in our programs with hopes to someday work with us.  They are our family.  We have been fortunate to see them grow into responsible and well rounded teens.  The other children that started in our program have moved out of the area, many of them out of state.  We are still in touch with many of them.

Before opening Cosmic KIds Inc., the “O’Grady Ladies” worked for different programs in our area learning what worked and what didn’t.  We took the “best of” experiences and pulled in new ideas and developed a program that was desperately needed, Cosmic Kids!  After working several years for other companies, we felt that it was time to bring what we learned home to our own community.

Customer testimonials

“From our Strathmore-Bel Pre PTA and parents, to our staff and students, Cosmic Kids is an organization that we put our trust in every day.  We are fortunate to have such a conscientious and child-centered organization supporting our students and our efforts as a school.”

-Robert Dodd

Strathmore E.S. Principal

“Words come to mind when thinking of their program include dependable, friendly, hardworking, caring, and most of all a family athmosphere.”

-Marcus J. Wallace, M.D.